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Vanité des vanités

I disagree. Telling a lie is done by its creator upon its own merits. A liar is a self-made person. No one taught it how to do that. Surviving your own lies puts you above others.

The Mary Sue characters are pictures in movies and comics created by authors dreaming they were that good and believing that reality and dream are the same thing. They’re telling their readers that they can be the same if they cease to be hindered in their capacities by white heterosexuals males. The Mary Sue characters are promises made to people feeling down and lost in our world with the belief that if they’re Marie Sues they’ll be okay.

They’re being lied to by people lying to themselves to allow them to lie to themselves that if they were not oppressed they would be Mary Sue avatars.

It doesn’t matter to such people because reality doesn’t exist. They’re truths, not a truth. They’re in a dream. Mark Twain wrote once about a Captain he dreamed to be. This character was himself. He was commanding a ship on the Mississippi River going easily through a lot of unbelievable dangers. That’s a Mary Sue Character with a difference. Twain explained it was a dream but we all have such a dream in ourselves. Happened to me too. That’s the reason why I remembered such a story.

It opens very interesting perspectives. It’s a psychological time in our development. I suppose it to be an infantile stage. If you fail in life, it can last much longer. You’re horribly sad and mad at the world. Suddenly such comics come out and you have a vent to your despair and anger.

Suddenly you have a way to get pride (pride parades?) at a very cheap price. Suddenly you have a way out of your misery. Suddenly you’re offered a false hope to rise above the others. You’ve suddenly the idea you could look others down.

It’s all lie. It’s all fabricated. You even know it’s so. You don’t care because you want to believe it. If your personality dies in the process you don’t care because you do look down yourself.

I connect that to all the jokes I read about mad people pretending they were Napoleon (It’s analogous to believe you’re Georges Washington). Those jokes disappeared totally. I heavily suspect they’re now considered serious stuff.

Brie Larson offering girls the occasion to become Captain Marvel and looking serious about it appears to me like the madness of pretending to be Napoleon.

Psychology should be considered here. It could teach me a lot of very interesting stuff when I consider SJWs and analogous.


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Fin des temps

Ce texte est difficile à lire à cause de son énorme densité en éléments très variés.
Il aborde le sujet de la « Venue glorieuse du Christ » ou selon ma compréhension le sujet de l’Apocalypse de la fin des temps. Ce sera le jour du jugement de toute l’humanité.
Je note que nous y sommes peut-être depuis sa résurrection. Les Apôtres s’y attendaient.
Une pensée très actuelle est celle qui dit que tout le monde, absolument tout le monde, est sur le chemin de la spiritualisation menant au Royaume de Dieu. Tout le monde sera donc sauvé.
Je note que c’est un point central de toute la pensée moderne. Elle suppose que chaque système de pensée mène au sauvetage des humains le suivant. Ils peuvent se taper dessus physiquement sans que cette idée soit menacée.
L’auteur note que les jeunes rejettent cette vision du monde car ce qu’ils y voient les font rejeter ce Christianisme évolutionniste. Nous n’allons pas vers un mieux.
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Synopsis Boskovich 1

§ 1 Boskovich se réclame de Leibniz et Newton. Une autre idée centrale est la notion d'équilibre et le centre d'oscillation. Il annonce un théorème assez simple qui a beaucoup de conséquences.

§ 2 La matière est posée stable, constituée de points indivisibles, sans extension et munis d'une inertie. Ces points sont à des distances non nulles les uns des autres et reliés par une force attractive et répulsive selon la distance entre eux. Pour expliquer cette force, une analogie avec un ressort oscillant est faite.

§ 3 Cette force se décrit par une courbe continue variant avec la distance. Je pense ici que cette continuité est posée comme une loi de la nature.

§ 4 En cas de collision de ces points, chacun muni de la même vitesse, ils voient leurs vélocités altérées avant le contact de fait.

§ 5 L'hypothèse des corps parfaitement durs sera rejetée plus loin dans le texte.

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You're asking for hope. I share this desire with you. Thinking a bit, I've three reasons to hope. I wish they're game changers. The first is in your message whose title was something like "Red alarm, things are going to be much worse". In the end you gave us three quotes of three different sources. The second is the website "" explaining, according to "", that the war is going virtual, a thing you described. The third is that today the Saudi's started to sell their oil in yuans. The Empire is crumbling faster than I thought. That makes it more dangerous but impotent. It's my fourth.

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